Isaac L.

2 weeks ago

I was in town for a conference from New York and Dakota was my barber, he did a fabulous job. He took my description of something more modern but not too short because my wife likes longer hair and gave a tremendous haircut. I sent pictures to my wife and she loves it. Everyone in the shop was friendly a well run establishment.


2 months ago

It’s so spectacular! Been there twice now and I Will definitely be staying! Amazing cuts, amazing barbers and overall 100% polite atmosphere! Rob is my barber and he always does his best and puts all his effort into it! 🔥


1 week ago

I went to other shops around the area and just wasn't quite satisfied, I decided to give Collins and Co. a shot and i could not have been happier with the decision. I love it and my wife loves it. Aesthetically the shop is beautiful, the friendly banter was a great, Dakota cut my hair and he did a fantastic job met all of my expectations and then some, i couldn't be happier. I will definitely be back in the near future.

Jerry S.

1 month ago

Wow...where do I start? The place is beautiful, the barbers are on point and professional. I look and feel like a million bucks. I got a cut from the newest barber, Dakota, and he crushed it. My only regret is I didn't come sooner. I've gone to too many barbershops that seem focused only on quantity and not quality. They do an ok fade, a whatever beard trim and could care less about the finer details. Not this barbershop. This place is spot on

Linh Nguyen

3 months ago

The team at Collins and co. are very welcoming yet professional. Acknowledged on entry and confirmed I had an appointment, I was advised to take a seat and my baber would be with me shortly. Had a mid skin fade by Rob and was very impressed with the detail and care he had shown. Very happy with the fade and overall experience here. Will definitely stop by if I'm ever in Nashville again! Thanks guys!

Chris Evett

1 month ago

Literally the best experience I have ever had at a barbershop. Saw nathan today and he turned my oblivious description of what i thought I wanted into a work of art. These folks are deliberate and professional. I can't see myself going anywhere else as long as I live here.

Paul Bryan

2 months ago

Outstanding barber shop. Ally gave me the best cut I've ever had...seriously, best cut ever! If I lived in Nashville I would be there on a regular basis.

Michael Shephard

2 months ago

The best haircut experience I've ever had. I make the drive into town just for this haircut!

Fred Bradley

2 months ago

Best haircut in Nashville! These guys are great and you won't go anywhere else once you've been there!

Caleb Fischer

2 months ago

Probably one of the best haircuts and beard trims I've ever gotten! I am generally afraid of what will happen when I go in for a haircut but I am so unbelievably satisfied with how things turned out. Thanks Allie!!

Justin Moore

1 month ago

This barbershop is the best in all of Nashville. If you like attention to detail and unsurpassed skill I highly recommend making the effort to visit COLLINS. Rob is amazing!

Lee Shand

1 month ago

Love this place. It's the only place I get my haircut. Prices are great and they always seem to have space to fit me in.

Rory Dunn

2 months ago

I would definitely recommend Collins and Co. Barber Shop. I was in need of a haircut as couldn't wait till I went home to the UK. This is the best haircut I've ever had. The staff were super friendly and Allie, who cut my hair was amazing. The attention to detail was superb and all for a great price.

Matt Queen

3 months ago

Great barbers here to give you what you ask for and send you on your way. Prices are great and the shop is nice and well taken care of. Highly recommended if you're in the area and there's plenty to eat and drink in the vicinity.

Jeremy Lorence

3 months ago

This barber shop is above average. Clean shop, great staff, awesome service. For an exceptional experience, this is the place to be!

James Roberts

3 months ago

Very clean. Sanitation is a priority here. You can tell you've entered into a professional shop as soon as you walk in the door. Staff was super friendly from the front desk receptionist to the stylist and even the owner. I was surprised at the detail and time the stylist pay and put into each client and their needs. I've been in Miami, Jacksonville, Charleston and many other cities and this is by far the best cut and experience I have had. Well worth it would highly recommend.

Hunter Raymond

4 months ago

This place is amazing! Just go! The results will speak for themselves.

William Squires

3 months ago

I cannot say enough good things about this place. Veronica was awesome and very skilled. I will definitely be coming back, both for the place and for her - would highly recommend!

Justin L.

3 months ago

By far the best Barber Shop in Nashville. I searched the city high and low for a great cut at a reasonable price, I get both at Collins and Co. Brandon is phenomenal and always keeps my hair and beard in perfect shape. If you're looking for a new barber shop or just passing through town you should check out C&C. You won't be disappointed.

Stephen Arthur

3 months ago

​By far, the best barbershop in Nashville! Love going to this place for a man makeover.

John O.

3 months ago

In town working for the CMA's and needed a cut badly. Came across Collins barbershop. I can honestly say one of the best haircuts I've had in a long time. Veronica was a gem. I let her know my normal style and what I like and she really hooked up the new fresh look.  Now I just need them to replicate it back at home. Would definitely recommend and would go back all the time if I lived in the area.

Tom Tillman

4 months ago

Best Barbershop in Nashville...hell best Barbershop in the state of Tennessee!

Jamie Page

2 months ago

This is a nice barbershop in a beautiful, historic building in the middle of downtown, including $5 valet parking at the Bobby Hotel across the street. The place has a good vibe and a friendly atmosphere. Brandon is my barber and he always gives a consistently great haircut and beard trim. I also really enjoy our conversations! I do the annual VIP haircut package, which is a good price value. The receptionist is always charming and friendly; the shop offers great hair products; and I enjoy the free, strong coffee while I'm getting my haircut. I plan on being a long-term customer at Collins & Co.

Andrew Nakla

4 months ago

I have been to Collins and Co Barbershop multiple times to get my haircut now and not only have I been very happy with the cut, they have been welcoming and friendly each and every time I've gone. The store is also very well kept. They do a great job seeing me at my appointment time without making me wait.Definitely recommend this barbershop to those who like reliability and professionalism.

David Copeland

3 months ago

I was in Nashville for the weekend. Needed a cut real bad. Collins was down the street from my hotel. They were first class! I was very happy with my cut. This is a real deal barbershop. If I lived in the area this would be my new barber.

Steven Pericht

4 months ago

Get the VIP package! Best deal in town for a signature fade from Rob and team. After 4 years, I will never go anywhere else.

Omar Fonseca

4 months ago

Chance is brand new in the shop, but got that old experienced game when it comes to the scissors and clippers, even with the straight edge! Bravo my friend, go see him and Rob and the rest of the crew...good people!  

Trey Palmedo

5 months ago

I have never gotten a haircut anywhere else in Nashville besides this barbershop tucked away downtown. The price is solid, Rob is incredible, the whole staff is incredibly talented at what they do. Every haircut is cut to perfect detail. Rob cuts hair in a way that as it continues to grow, it continues to keep its form. Any experienced barber can make a haircut look good when you stand up from the chair, but Rob's level of talent shows in the weeks and months after. A truly professional but fun, talented but not too serious and peaceful but not boring establishment. This will continue to be the only place I get my hair cut here in Nashville as long as I'm here.

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Tae Lynn

6 months ago

Nathan and Brandon have each cut my hair on separate occasions. Both did a great job. Love the fact they take appointments online so there is no waiting. Cool looking barber shop and the customer service is on point. While it's a bit of a drive, I'll continue to come here every 2-3 weeks for a cut.

Amin G.

6 months ago

This place is quite strong. Best barbers in town. Great vibe. Highly recommended! 

The owner Rob is a true professional and a very cool guy. The shop has super-friendly staff, laid-back style, and of course, master barbers. 

I am picky about my haircut and have been to almost every barbershop in Nashville. By far, this is the only place that made me go back again and again (for 4 years).

Jay Gilhooly

1 year ago

Perfect every time

David Barasch

6 months ago

Best barber shop in town! Haircuts last longer and look better weeks past other shops.

Daniel P.

6 months ago

I went to Collins on a weekend trip - my barber was Allie. She was amazing, was very organized with making sure my fade was even and at the height I wanted. I've received at least three compliments a day on my haircut. Job well done!

Antonio Lombardi

6 months ago

Nathan is an incredible barber. Honestly, I’ve been to so many barbers since coming to Nashville and I haven’t been able to find somewhere where I’m comfortable, feel respected, and have someone be as attentive. Collins and Co. & Nathan are awesome. I'll be back again for sure. Highly recommend to others!

Greg J.

1 year ago

Great experience here. Chance did a really good job with my hair. Good selection of products as well. Check out the Cardinal products - very good.